We’re currently not meeting in the Church building on a Sunday for Breakfast Church gatherings or any midweek activities – but we are still busy being the Church in our estate! See below for ideas on how you might be a light of hope to those around you at this difficult time.

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What Can I Do?

We are coordinating a list of people who would be willing to:
– make regular phone calls to those who are self-isolating in our estate community.
– do some shopping for, and deliver to those who might need it.
If you are able, you could also contact the Foodbank Warehouse to ask if they need volunteers to pack food.

Now is a time to love and serve your neighbours – carefully and safely – by finding out if they need anything. Politely ask for their phone number and suggest you call them every couple of days, even if it’s just for a moment, to find out if there’s anything they need. If you haven’t got on well with your neighbours in the past, now is a great time to heal and grow that relationship. Be the first to offer. Jesus teaches us that serving our neighbours includes those we don’t necessarily see eye to eye with!

If you are able, please:
– donate non-perishable food to the Foodbank
– donate financially to the Foodbank
– donate financially to the Church – we will ensure your donation is used for the good of the estate community.

Pray to Grow
Christians believe that praying is the very best thing you can do, whatever is happening in the world. When we pray our will becomes intertwined with God’s will. Pray for God’s love, protection and comfort for those around you. Pray for NHS staff, and public services. Pray for healing. And spend time listening to what God might be saying. One of the best ways to do that is by reading your Bible. As you do so you will grow in faith. Growing in faith changes us from the inside out.